How thought leadership can help build your online presence

One of the main objectives of Public Relations is to help businesses build a reputable online presence, and one of the best ways to establish such credibility is through the use of thought leadership.

In brief, thought leadership is written content that is industry specific and authoritative by nature. Engaging and informative, the content will often provide insight into key trends and new discoveries or deliver valuable information on a specific topic relevant to the trade sector and/or target audience. For example, in hospitality a boutique hotel may develop a series of thought leadership articles on upcoming travel trends and locations to engage potential customers and position themselves as the ideal place to stay for any pending trips to the areas mentioned in the piece.

At Make More Noise, thought leadership is a key pillar of the services we offer. Here, we’ll share insight into how we employ it help to build an authoritative online presence for our clients:

Becoming an expert

One of the key benefits of thought leadership is the ability to position a business as a pioneer of their industry.

These articles are essential to building a relationship with target audiences, to not only help them better understand the market, but to also elevate the business in hand as a ‘go to’ provider of their products and/or services.

In reference to the hospitality example, the author of the article [who will be publicised along with the name of the business] will quickly establish themselves as a travel expert, while also building trust and credibility amongst their audience – potentially resulting in new business enquiries.

Making the most of SEO

Taking advantage of successful SEO is a brilliant way to quickly improve your online presence.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the act of making your website as google-friendly as possible to ensure your work is closer to the top of the search page. Thought Leadership articles that are strategically placed on industry-specific sites can benefit from the SEO work already in place on the website.

This means that whether you’re discussing new data, commenting on recent events, or anticipating new trends, your article will be one of the first things prospective customers see when they search for the topic, helping to increase brand authority and visibility.

Target relevant audiences

Often, the goal of thought leadership is to assert some sort of influence or thought process onto readers to make them consider your business or industry. When a unique topic is paired with the right publication, thought leadership content gives businesses the chance to engage effectively with relevant consumers – something that is vital for improving your business profile in the right circles.


Thought leadership articles effectively connect businesses with their target audiences. Once a business has an article published in a relevant publication, their influential words as an industry expert can help to shape public perception, buying behaviours and broader market trends.

Especially when paired with news jacking, press releases, and a strong social media profile, thought leadership is one of the best tools to develop an authoritative online presence.

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