Hannah McManus shares the lessons she has learnt during her work experience with Make More Noise

After spending nine weeks with Make More Noise I have gained countless new skills and a greater understanding of PR, and this experience has definitely confirmed my desire to work in this industry.

From writing press releases and product descriptions to creating social media content and compiling media, influencer and awards lists, I have worked on a wide range of tasks that have given me an invaluable insight into what life at a busy PR agency is like.

My confidence has grown week on week as I have got to grips with deadlines, managing my workload and adapting to different writing styles, and I have enjoyed learning about everything the world of PR has to offer.

Here are the top lessons I have learnt during my work experience:

The importance of listening to feedback

Taking on board the feedback and constructive criticism I have received from the team on my work has been paramount to increasing my understanding of successful PR, and without this feedback I doubt I would feel as confident as I do now in my abilities.

This has been particularly helpful when writing press releases and social media content, and through the team’s feedback I have learnt the importance of honing in on the message in as concise a way as possible.

Monitoring the news is key

Monitoring the news and flagging up any relevant stories has been a part of my daily routine at Make More Noise, and is something that has helped develop my understanding of the media landscape.

Having an awareness of what is happening in the general news as well as the trade news for each client’s industry has given me a firm understanding of how stories can be pitched to the media and why it is so crucial the angle taken is relevant and up to date.

Do your research

Make More Noise work with a variety of clients in industries I was unfamiliar with before starting this work experience, and the importance of researching these industries was apparent from the start.

It is impossible to create convincing and compelling social media content for a client, for example, without having a grasp on what they actually do. Taking some time to read up on the clients I was working with and to explore their website and social channels meant I was much better equipped to complete the tasks at hand.

Maintain contact and ask questions

Given that I have completed seven out of nine weeks with Make More Noise completely remotely, I have learnt how important it is to stay in contact and ask questions about anything I am unsure of.

Being away from the office has meant there is no one to physically check my progress with a task, so clear communication between myself and the rest of the team has been crucial in ensuring I am on the right lines. Everyone at Make More Noise has been extremely accommodating in answering my questions and helping me out when I have been unsure, and I have learnt there is no need to ever fear asking for help!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and will come away with a host of invaluable PR knowledge. Thank you to everyone at Make More Noise for making my time with you so enjoyable and rewarding!