Cadbury and the charity Age UK are working together to fight the loneliness crisis in the UK. It is thought that 1.4 million older people struggle with loneliness, with 225,000 often going a whole week without speaking to anyone. 

To highlight the issue, Cadbury have released a limited edition Dairy Milk chocolate bar, donating the words from the packaging to help raise awareness of the difference people can make by donating their words. 30p from the sale of each bar is donated to Age UK to help the charity support older people through their national advice line, telephone friendship service and more 

The campaign included a hard-hitting video that features members of the community who are struggling with loneliness, demonstrating how it can feel without any human interaction for extended periods of times. Cadbury and Age UK hope that the campaign will encourage others to “donate their words” and take time out of their day to have a conversation with an older person. The conversation could be as simple about a quick chat about the weather or what’s going on in your local area. 

Here at Make More Noise, we love to see a PR campaign that endorses charitable aims and addresses issues that aren’t always common knowledge. We think that this campaign is a great way to highlight the severity of loneliness and encourages people to help.