With web content representing your digital shop window, it’s now more important than ever to nail your copy.  


Getting it perfect, however, can be tricky. There are so many things to consider – from formatting to tone – that it can be a mine-field to navigate.  


Luckily, the team here at Make More Noise have had years of experience in curating top-notch web and blog content, and, as a result, have put together four top tips to help you engage your target audience and drive conversions online: 


Primed to Perfection  

In this day and age, everyone has a million and one things on their to-do list so it’s no surprise that content can find itself being rushed. But, if it’s being hurried, it has no value: as soon as your audience sets eyes on your copy and spots a mistake, they’ll lose interest and move on.  


That said, it is vital that you proofread your text and edit it. After writing, it is easy to overlook mistakes and typos as you’ll be reading what you expect to see. It’s therefore worthwhile taking the time to get new eyes on the piece or read the copy out loud to get a feel for the rhythm and spot punctuation blunders.  


The Proof is in the Pudding 

Fake news is rife across the web, so why should your audience believe anything you say?  


Encourage your audience to trust you as a key source of information by providing evidence, facts and figures all while tapping into the latest trends. Position yourself a credible source and your audience will return again and again, looking for content they can trust and rely on.  


Target Your Audience 

There’s no point to your content if it doesn’t have your readers in mind. Direct the piece to the audience, discuss what they’re concerned with and make sure it isn’t all about you, you, you.  

Ensure that your word choice is appropriate to your demographic: can you use field-specific language, or do you need to lose the slang? Is the style appropriate? And does it fulfil their needs?  


Picture Perfect 

If you have the option to read a 3,000 word article with very few paragraph breaks, or a 3,000 word article strategically laid out, which one are you more likely to read? 


If you space out your content with plenty of short, easy to read paragraphs divided with simple subheadings that summarise the content, your audience will be more inclined to stick around and read the full piece. Why? Because many online readers skim their content and look for small bursts of digestible content. 


As long as you keep a mental checklist that takes in to account whether your piece contains any errors, whether it is of interest to your audience and if it looks good, you should find your content a hit.  


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