Charlotte Lewis shares her highlights as an intern at Make More Noise

With my internship at Make More Noise ending and as I gear up to return for my second year at the University of Birmingham, I took a moment to reflect upon the time I’ve spent at Make More Noise.


Enjoyed it immensely is a phrase that doesn’t even begin to describe the month I have spent here. Given that I would be joining the agency in a virtual capacity I was worried I might struggle or not get the full experience I’d hoped for, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.


It has been so refreshing to work amongst a team of talented professionals that genuinely enjoy what they do and want to share that passion. Being at Make More Noise has enabled me to work with a multitude of clients in different capacities, helping me to narrow down what sort of career I may want to explore in the future.


I would strongly recommend that all students think about interning throughout their university studies and to illustrate why, I have put together my top highlights since joining Make More Noise 4 weeks ago.


Expanding my knowledge of PR


Coming into this internship, I had a basic knowledge of PR and hoped to build on this. It’s insane really, how much I’ve managed to learn in the month I’ve been here, and I strongly believe that’s testament to the standard of Make More Noise as a hugely successful PR agency.


Whilst I’ve always been really interested in the work that goes into assisting brands to reach their full potential, being given the opportunity to intern at Make More Noise is the first time I’ve ever experienced it first-hand. It’s exciting, knowing that you have played a part, however small, in the growth of their brand.


The work I’ve done has given me such a useful insight into the world of PR as I begin to explore what I may want to do in the future.


Learning more about different industries


Although I knew I would be completing tasks for a variety of clients, I didn’t realize the extent to which I would immerse myself into learning about the industry they operate in.


Essentially, I learnt that it is impossible to write great social media and blog content for clients without having a prior knowledge about them and relevant industries. Not being a dog-owner myself, my input into tasks for some clients, such as GoWalkies, admittedly required some additional research!


Getting to know PR professionals


Despite being online for this internship, I felt the full force of support from the team at Make More Noise. From weekly Zoom calls that featured a Mexican wave (or two!) to their daily support, it’s thanks to them I’ve enjoyed my internship experience so much.


Receiving such helpful feedback and knowing that any questions I had would be answered without judgement was a great relief, and the kindness of the team instantly put me at ease from my first day!


Crafting new skills


Coming into the agency with an interest particularly in writing, I felt like I had a decent grasp of it. Amazingly, these past four weeks have really helped me to further hone my writing skills and forced me to step outside of my comfort zone with the way I approach content writing related tasks.


I’ve learnt so much in such a short period of time that I can take onboard to not only future internships but also the rest of my degree, such as creating comprehensive awards lists, producing blog content, video editing, working on data cleansing lists, managing social media accounts and more!


If there is anyone, like me, who wants to explore potential career paths, I strongly suggest applying for an internship. Being able to meet and work alongside lots of successful individuals who have been where you are is an invaluable experience that you will not forget.


It’s really a no-brainer.