Here at Make More Noise HQ, we specialise in helping clients build their own personal profile, showcasing their industry expertise, whilst positioning them as an authoritative Business Leader and Entrepreneur.

But, how exactly do we achieve this through PR? And, more importantly, what are the core elements of PR strategy dedicated to building a personal profile?


Industry Expert

Positioning yourself as an Expert in your industry – someone your target audience can follow and engage with for valuable information and advice on your profession – is key for building a personal profile.

Why? Creating trust and authority is key to success, where you need to be extremely clear on your market niche and area of expertise to ensure your target audience know exactly why they should follow and engage with you and what valuable information they will receive in return.

For example, instead of presenting yourself as a ‘Joe Bloggs: Property Investor’, sharpen your title it to ‘Joe Bloggs: Residential Property Investment Expert’.

Being more precise in your positioning not only sets yourself aside from industry competitors but will also ensure you attract the right followers. It’s far more beneficial to have less relevant Followers than masses of followers who will never convert into customers.


Speaking Engagements

Regular speaking engagements will provide the opportunity for you to showcase your industry expertise, whilst attracting and engaging with your target audience.

If you’re new to the public speaking circuit, we always advise to start small, and “test out” at local events, to allow yourself the practice to build your confidence and work out any kinks.

As you build authority for your talks and expertise, your personal brand will grow organically, as long as you remain consistent with your approach.


Comment Pieces

Comment pieces are great when trying to build and establish your personal brand.

Targeting well-known publications in your field can offer exceptional PR opportunities, whilst positioning you as the go-to representative for your industry sector.

Comment Pieces also provide the opportunity to build trust with potential customers, whilst enabling you to reach a wider target audience, extending beyond your social media profiles.


Social Media

In 2013, renowned industry expert Gary Vaynerchuk published an excellent book entitled, Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook. Here he details how to maximise Social Media in order to attract, engage with and convert your social media followers into customers.

With each ‘jab’ you need to publish content that is informative, engaging, useful and relevant to your target audience – showcasing how you can be of value to them, before asking them to purchase your product or service [the right hook].

Building a strong social media following takes time, but a clear and consistent strategy it can be one of the most useful tools for building and maintaining a strong personal brand.


Regular blog content on your own website

Seems simple, but you won’t believe the number of businesses that neglect their own website blog or news feed.

If you want to build your personal profile and an authoritative brand, you need to create a content strategy that will attract your target audience to your website and keep them there on arrival. Valuable, engaging and informative content will achieve this, particularly when integrated with your social media strategy.

Building a personal profile takes time, but with a consistent, dedicated and disciplined approach, it is possible and can make a positive difference to the growth and success of your business and your brand.

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