Hunter Jones

“Google it”. It’s one of the most used modern phrases in today’s society, and, in business, it could be your lead to a new costumer.

As a specialist PR company, Make More Noise knows the best ways to get your business ranking higher in the search engine results pages [SERPs]. Why? Because PR and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) have a massive overlap. It may be surprising to hear, but PR can benefit your online presence in two key ways: Through the creation of interesting content onsite – coupled with driving web traffic from content hosted offsite.

Onsite Content

Over the past few years, Google have been working to improve customer experience. As a result, they’re prioritising websites where users spend the most time, working to provide the best results for every search query. Therefore, to keep your audience engaged onsite, you’ll need to offer something of real value.

When creating content, ask yourself some key questions: Is the content unique or useful? Does it discuss important and relevant topics or offer new ideas and insights on your industry? And most importantly, does it read well and engage relevant clientele?

It’s also important to ensure that fresh content is uploaded on a regular basis. Google uses Query Deserved Freshness which chooses newly updated, fresh content over aging text.

Another tip? Content is populated with the keywords search engines are hunting for. Depending on your target audience, you’ll want to use wording that they would to search for your product or service. Our advice? Put yourself in their position and think, what would you type into the search box? Or what ‘keywords’ would you ideally like to rank for? Use that phrase or keyword organically in your content to ensure it registers within the search results.

And it’s not just about the words. Make your content visually interesting too, taking into account that experts predict a massive 80% of consumer searches will be related to video content by the end of 2018.

Offsite Content

Without pageviews, SEO will not improve. Enter offsite content.

Start link-building by working with authoritative online publications. Write content for them – from comment or opinion pieces to news articles or features – helping to establish credible media ties, build brand awareness AND drive web traffic through those all-important backlinks.

Integrating social media with your content strategy will also support your online presence, whilst increasing brand awareness. Posting a stream of regular and relevant content will increase your following, establishing a target audience who will spend time reading and engaging with your content both onsite and offsite.

Overall, an affective PR strategy can massively boost your SEO. Putting together engaging and valuable content while finding ways to lead a relevant audience to it, will increase your online presence and ensure your website climbs the ranks of the search engine results pages.

If you need help enhancing your SEO through a good content strategy, the Make More Noise team are on hand to help. Get in touch via 0121 306 0996 or email