What We Do

We’re not your average PR agency. Make More Noise is unique in the way it combines traditional media relations, digital communications and content creation with reputation management strategy to create tangible outcomes that will support your business’ growth.

Our Services
We’re all about getting under the skin of our clients’ businesses to create compelling campaigns that align with their objectives.

PR has little purpose or value without a solid strategy, which is why we work with all our clients collaboratively to devise a plan that will proactively and reactively bolster their brand, reputation and profile.

From the early planning stages right through to execution, our strategies consider each client’s unique objectives and target audiences. We identify the right activities and channels to reach them, from content creation and media relations to social media and stakeholder engagement.

Our tactical communications plans ensure you achieve your objectives and we deliver tangible business results, every time.

But we don’t stop there.

As your goals inevitably evolve, so does our approach. We continuously review our activities and adapt our strategy to ensure we stay aligned with your changing needs. Through being innovative and agile we provide true value at every stage of your business journey.

Media Relations
We boast a little black book of invaluable press contacts that we can tap into and trust to deliver your message in the way you want.

Media relations is what gets us guaranteed results every time. In PR, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know, and with decades of working with the media under our belts, we have the contacts that allow us to get coverage in the publications that matter most to our clients.

Whether you want a feature in the largest trade publication or a mention in The Times, we know the person to speak to. Delivering more than ‘onetime wonders’, we invest in fostering rewarding, long-term relationships with journalists at the top of their game to ensure they keep coming back to our clients for more.

To guarantee our results, we need to ensure we can tell your story in a compelling way, so we work hard to understand your market and your unique position from the offset.

Our media relations skills not only allow us to garner credibility for your brand, they can help you develop your authoritative voice and position  you as an expert in your field.We know how to identify the real story that will keep readers engaged, and we know what turns journalists off. We make sure your news isn’t self-serving, but still delivers your key messages in a clear and concise way to impact your audience in the best possible way.

We get to know our clients’ sectors inside out and this, coupled with a watchful eye on the news agenda, means we always know when a big story has broken and how to get our clients a share of voice.

Media relations is what we do. It runs through our veins. Getting the right information in front of the right people at the right time is the name of our game.

Personal Profiling
Our winning approach to founder-focused and CEO personal profiling campaigns and reputation management has been proven time and again to gain our clients industry wide exposure

People want to buy from people, and building personal brand equity is essential for CEOs, partners and entrepreneurs.
Founder-focused and CEO profile campaigns can be some of the most effective ways of boosting your business’ credentials whilst improving brand awareness online and can be a fundamental driver of corporate reputation.

Developing a personal profile in the press is a great way of building prestige, heightening credibility and encouraging consumer trust.

Through our strategic personal profiling PR campaigns, we can position your executives as expert thought-leaders, intelligent spokespeople and industry influencers, gaining them visibility and your business commercial

When you work with us, we’ll start by analysing your executives’ online and offline personal reputations, before identifying the most appropriate media channels and developing a tailored personal profiling campaign that will get you noticed.

From setting up interviews with key trade titles, to securing slots at speaker engagements and writing winning award entries, we can deliver a campaign that builds your narrative and positively influences how existing and potential customers view your organisation.

Reputation Management
We boast a proven track record in implementing last minute crisis communications strategies with top results.

In today’s digital world, a negative tweet, post or story can spread like wildfire and that’s why PR and reputation management go hand in hand. The chances are, even the most virtuous businesses will at some stage be faced with a reputational setback.

Those that have access to experts who can adapt fast and ensure any damaging content towards them is managed as swiftly as possible will be most likely to emerge unscathed.

Over the years, social media has grown to become an untameable beast and, whilst a cleverly spun story in the press used to be enough to protect a brand or individual’s integrity, today, a single instance of gross negligence is enough to tarnish a company or CEO’s name in minutes.

To make sure this isn’t you or your business, you need an immediate short-term plan to address the problem at hand and a long-term strategy to rebuild your profile. Working with our team of knowledgeable experts you can rest assured we will fight your corner and mitigate any damage that’s already been done, whilst ensuring you don’t find yourself in the firing line again.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, so when onboarding with your business we will work with your team to identify any potential for reputational damage so we can make sure you’re crisis ready. Not only that, our skilled team can provide your key spokes people with expert media training to ensure they know what to do if faced with difficult questions from the media. We’ll make sure you have all the answers, so you can rest easy.

We’re true believers that content is ‘king’, and crafting quality material that ranks highly in search engine results is our bread and butter


Media relations is pointless if you don’t have engaging content to share  and, as a creative PR agency, creating original material that informs, entertains and engages is at our very core. From press releases to thought leadership articles and white papers, we can identify the best way to deliver your message.

Press releases

Despite what you may have heard, the humble press release is not dead – it still has a place in today’s high-tech press world. That’s why we only hire the best writers who know how to use a press release to bring your story to life. Great for sharing timely, relevant news such as an event, product release or new appointment, journalists still rely on press releases for news stories just as much as they once did when faxing a story was still a thing. Tailored for the digital world, our press releases are tagged with key SEO terms to ensure search engines find, match, index and rank your content favourably.

Expert voice articles

Expert voice articles, also known as ‘thought leadership’, are one of the most proven and effective tactics for elevating your reputation and enhancing your brand. When executed well, they will establish your key spokespeople as experts in your industry and sources of worthy ideas. They provide an opportunity to differentiate your company from competitors, and are ideal if you want to use PR campaigns to generate sales leads in established and new sectors or to leverage the profile of particular people within your business.

White papers

Historically, the government used white papers to pilot new ideas and encourage public debate and contributions before legislation, but in business they are used to show depth of knowledge, win respect and usually present a solution to a problem. A great way of educating your audience or promoting a particular methodology, white papers typically require at least an email address for download, making them great for capturing leads.

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