Hunter Jones

The Brief

Make More Noise were appointed by investment-introducing firm, Hunter Jones, to build corporate reputation, whilst raising the profile of CEO, Reece Mennie, as one of the UK’s leading Entrepreneurs.

The Campaign

Make More Noise is in the process of implementing a comprehensive PR strategy, which is focused on the following core objectives:

• To position Hunter Jones as the UK’s leading investment introducing firm, achieving valuable media opportunities across business, financial and property media.

• To position Reece Mennie as an ambitious Entrepreneur, who dominates the investment space. This includes a core focus on speaking engagements and events, interviews, awards opportunities and the creation of his podcast, Mennie Talks.

The Outcome

Make More Noise has worked with Hunter Jones and Reece Mennie since September 2018 and during this time has increased awareness of the Hunter Jones brand within the investment and property sectors, whilst successfully raising the profile of Reece Mennie through speaking engagements, interview opportunities, comment pieces and the launch of Mennie Talks.