Hip Pop

"Building brand authority for Hip Pop, while positioning it as a leading drinks brand dedicated to improving gut health."

Originally established as ‘Booch and Brew’, Hip Pop is an innovative functional drinks brand, listed by multiple retailers across the UK. From Kombucha to Living Soda, all drinks are manufactured to ‘look good, taste good and do good’.

The Brief

Make More Noise were appointed by ‘Booch and Brew’ in mid-2020 to tell the story behind the brand and to educate target audiences on the health benefits of Kombucha. In summer 2021, co-founders Emma Thackray and Kenny Goodman made the decision to rebrand the business to Hip Pop, while introducing a new range of functional drinks.

As a result, Make More Noise were required to develop a new PR strategy that supported the rebrand, while increasing awareness of the product range amongst target retailers and consumers.

The Strategy

We have developed an impactful PR strategy which has focused on increasing awareness of the Hip Pop brand, while positioning it as a leading range of functional drinks, designed to improve health and wellbeing.

This has been implemented via a positive drip-feed of news announcements, product launch campaigns, product placement and review opportunities, together with the development of regular thought leadership content to showcase the knowledge and expertise behind the business to establish brand authority.

The Outcome

Make More Noise continues to work with Hip Pop and plays a fundamental role in continuing to increase awareness of the the brand and its growing functional drinks product range, while integrating PR activity with its business development and growth strategy.

This has included new retail listings, an increase in eCommerce sales and several successful kickstarter campaigns.

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