My first few weeks at Make More Noise…

Kerisa Carlin, new PR Account Executive for Make More Noise, tells us what her first few weeks have been like since joining the agency…

After previously working in a digital marketing agency, I wanted to make the transition into a PR role and gain more experience. I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to join Make More Noise, which has a range of interesting clients, and a team with an undeniable passion for PR.

From my first interview, I was able to ask questions and gained plenty of insight into the industry. Whilst I didn’t have a PR background, I felt if I could my foot in the door, then I’d be able to gain experience and settle into a role I would enjoy.

Meeting the team

Many people say that only the quick-witted will survive in this fast-paced world of PR. Naturally, I was worried, but my fears dissipated when I met the team.

However, some of my colleagues looked quite strange, since once had black and white fur, and long floppy ears, while the other was short and had a loud pant. That’s right, there are office dogs! Drake and Reggie were delightful, and I’ve since met a third pup named Marshall, all of whom are a very nice addition to the office atmosphere.

Learning the ropes

Everyone was helpful and happy to provide the knowledge I needed to get my new role off to a great start. From media relations to proposing new ideas to clients, I learned so much in the very first week.

With so much to do, the first week was far from boring. I was briefed on a wide range of clients and had the opportunity to write interesting content and contribute new ideas.

The flexibility of remote work also allowed me to take initiative, and I found myself taking a proactive approach and getting stuck into things I’d never tried before. Thankfully, I wasn’t afraid to ask questions, as the team were more than happy to answer any queries I had.

Researching clients

One of the best things about working for Make More Noise is the agency’s diverse client base and I have particularly enjoyed researching clients’ different industries and learning about what they do to inform my content.

So far, I have covered covering everything from gut health to pet care, and learning about so many different topics has kept things very interesting! I was also invited to join a client call in my very first week, so not only was I motivated to research their company in-depth, but I was also keen to contribute new ideas and propose solutions, making me feel like part of the team from the very beginning.

Make More Noise has given me great foundations to embark on my PR career and I’m really looking forward to continuing to learn and progress within the company.

I’m especially keen to learn more about the social media side of things – it plays such a big role in many of our everyday lives, so I think learning the ropes of social media will be incredibly insightful.

One of my bigger goals is to build a strong network of media connections and I hope to come to great lengths with promoting our clients’ work.