Burger King becomes the king of consumer PR with ‘its social distancing crowns’

Burger King in Germany has released the most effective social distancing tactic yet by giving away DIY social distancing crowns to diners to help them keep a safe distance from each other.

The three metre crowns, featuring the Burger King logo, are distributed folded to encourage customers to have fun assembling them whilst adhering to social distancing in Burger King restaurants, and are a creative tool to get people talking, tweeting, sharing and posting on social media.

Social media force

Social media has long been established as a dominant force in the media landscape and, with almost 60% of the world’s population spending more time online, it has never been more important to create a digital presence. By encouraging customers to shout about its innovative response to the pandemic online, Burger King is showing humour during times of adversity whilst still putting customer safety first, and is thus standing out for the right reasons.

Meanwhile, Burger King in Italy has also adopted another ingenious tactic for embracing the social distancing barriers by releasing a “social distancing whopper”. The whopper contains three times the amount of raw onions than a normal whopper, ensuring customers’ breath is enough to deter anyone getting too close, making Burger King a royally safe eating zone.

Lesson learned

Both ideas are perfect examples of how, when executed right, brands can successfully strike the balance between delivering a serious message whilst keeping things playful in line with their brand identity.

At Make More Noise we’ve enjoyed taking inspiration from creative campaigns responding to the Coronavirus pandemic. In our eyes, Burger King has stolen the crown with this one!