Working remotely: my first week interning at Make More Noise

Wow! My first week interning remotely for Make More Noise has flown by. Although working from home was not what I expected when I applied in March, the team have made me feel extremely welcome with online meetings via zoom, encouraging emails and not to mention the daily shenanigans on our WhatsApp group chat.

With no previous experience in the PR industry, it is safe to say my first week put me to the test. From being introduced to clients that worked in unfamiliar sectors, to creating media and award lists and even managing the agency’s social media, there was never a dull moment!

Each task has been an opportunity for me to learn and after just one week, I already feel more confident about what it takes to succeed in the PR world. Here are the top 3 things I have learned so far and my advice for other interns working remotely during these unprecedented times:

Create a morning ‘to-do’ list and prioritise tasks

Working in PR is extremely fast paced and there is invariably an abundance of tasks and responsibilities to complete each day. It’s therefore vital that you begin every morning by setting out clear goals and objectives to ensure you manage your time efficiently and prioritise the most important tasks. Otherwise, you could end up leaving key tasks until last or, even worse, forget to do them completely!

Be proactive

Once you have mastered your assigned duties, search for more challenges. This could be anything from writing a blog, scanning the news agenda, researching opportunities for clients or alleviating a colleague’s busy workload. There is always something you can do and it is important to view each spare moment as an opportunity to evolve and develop new skills.

Never stop asking questions

-When working from home, you don’t have the convenience of leaning over the desk to ask questions. Consequently, I initially did lots of research in an effort to answer questions for myself, but I quickly learned that without asking questions, I would not be able to hone my PR skills or improve the quality of my work. You should never feel like a burden for asking lots of questions. A good manager will see that you are inquisitive and eager to learn.

Thank you, Make More Noise, for making my virtual on-boarding as smooth as possible. I look forward to learning more as the week’s progress and adapting into the office environment when we finally return. I especially can’t wait to experience Friday doughnuts and all the great surrounding lunch spots you all shout about!

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