Working for a busy PR agency , Make More Noise, in the centre of Birmingham, day to day life is hectic, varied and sometimes stressful and yes, we can certainly annoy each other. But we are all there for the same cause and as such, support and encourage each other, buoy each other up when we are feeling defeated, level things out when egos are too much and try to work in equanimity.

So sitting here in my dining room at home, I already miss the chatter and noise that only a few days ago made me clench my fists as I was trying to focus on finalising a press release. I miss being interrupted when I’m on a deadline with questions from colleagues. I miss hearing the most ebullient colleague pitching in to journalists on the phone all day long and then doing his own war dance of success when he secures coverage and thumping the desk in frustration when he doesn’t. I miss the smell of microwave lunches wafting around the office (not always a great smell) and I miss rolling my eyes when the youngest member rocks up at 9.02 yet again despite being told to be in for 9 sharp! I even confess to missing the radio station choices! Not great with technology, I no longer have an IT expert sitting opposite who can sort out my technical incompetence and stuff ups.

It’s lonely at home, not having the banter and the support that an office provides, not having the ability to just turn to my team and discuss things over a coffee. It feels as if I am now detached from the rest of the world and have to remind myself that this is now life as we know it and it’s the same for everyone. Success can still be celebrated by messaging the team, but it’s not the same as celebrating together and all insecurities are dealt with on Zoom or over the phone! My biggest challenge? Keeping my cat off the laptop!

It’s Friday tomorrow. I won’t miss the commute – I won’t miss the Friday fire drill – but I do miss my team and I will miss the doughnut trolley!