As we approach December, more and more companies are releasing their Christmas Advertising Campaigns. These campaigns have become commonplace at this time of the year, and adverts from Christmas campaign giants such as John Lewis, Aldi, Mcdonald’s, Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer are highly anticipated by consumers. Not only do these advertisements create festive cheer and increase excitement during the lead up to Christmas, but they also work as an effective PR tool.

Although not every company has the budget or means to produce such extravagant Christmas campaigns, we can incorporate the PR tactics used and apply them to a smaller scale PR campaigns.

1. Get people talking

These advertisements are so successful in gaining publicity as they get people talking. One of the best and cheapest forms of PR is word of mouth. If you can develop a campaign that creates a conversation, then a lot of the PR is done for you. If executed well, campaigns have the ability to go viral overnight. Think outside the box when creating a campaign, ideas that have never been executed before have the ability to go the extra mile.

2. Utilise Social Media

As mentioned in the previous point, social media is an excellent tool in promoting you campaign. Through the power of social media, it has become easier to share content and gain publicity. Social media gives your company access to a huge audience and if a campaign is successful, social media has the ability to carry this success to greater lengths, and to reach more people. Social media also allows you to interact with you audience and build a relationship with those interacting with your campaign.

3. On theme with upcoming events

Christmas advertising campaigns work so well as they are on theme with upcoming events. Utilising public holidays in a campaign is a brilliant way to give it that extra push, as it is already in the forefront of consumers minds. Christmas is the best example for this, especially as there is now such a focus on larger companies’ campaigns and the competitive nature that comes along with this. Other public holidays that work well in pushing campaigns are New Year, Easter and Halloween.

4. Making it a yearly thing

High anticipation has been created for these brands due to their Christmas adverts year on year. Although this is a slower PR tactic, if your audience know you run a campaign at a specific time of the year, it will be anticipated. Bear in mind, you don’t want to become predictable. When making a campaign a yearly occurrence, insure there is something different about each one, to avoid becoming boring or similar.