My first month at Make More Noise has flown by! I have been made to feel extremely welcome by the team and have learnt so much in such a short space of time. With no previous experience in the PR industry, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my role as PR and Media Assistant, which made me a little apprehensive on my first day.

My nerves diminished once I was introduced to everyone and I immediately felt like part of the team. My first day was very full on due to the amount there was to learn. I accepted the challenge and with the guidance of my Account Manager, Melissa, I was introduced to the list of clients I’d be working on alongside her. The clients span over so many different sectors, sectors I had little knowledge on. I spent the majority of my first day learning about my client’s sectors, spanning from vertical farming to waste management to estate agency.

In my first month at Make More Noise, I have learnt a lot about the industry and what it means to be a PR professional. Here are the top 5 things I have found in my first month:

Each day is different

In PR, not one day is the same. There is so much variation in tasks and clients, making every day new. It keeps things interesting, as you’re not stuck doing the same mundane tasks every day. For example, one day I could be creating a press pack on InDesign for a tech company, the next I’m scheduling social media for an lifestyle brand. 

It’s important to adapt

Due to the variation of PR and doing something different each day, it is important to be able to go from one task to a completely different one. Ensuring you can adjust to new situations and tasks you may not have previously encountered is vital in PR. An example of this is writing content for a company in an area you have no previous knowledge of. It is important to be able to adapt your writing style to the tone in which the company adopt in their written content, and apply it to a topic you have researched in order to gain an understanding.

Your first week can be overwhelming but it gets easier

In my first week, not only was I getting used to working in a new environment, getting to know my new work colleagues but also learning the ropes of an industry I hadn’t previously worked in, so there was a lot to learn! I was introduced to clients that worked in sectors I didn’t know anything about, so I spent a lot of my first week at Make More Noise getting my head around these. All this combined can be quite overwhelming in your first week, but it’s important to push through as things get easier and you will pick up everything you learn in the first week, it just takes willingness to accept new challenges.

Ask for help

In my first couple of weeks, I was reluctant to ask for help as I didn’t want to disturb or bother anyone. I quickly learnt that without asking questions, I wouldn’t be able to learn from my colleagues, who are a wealth of PR knowledge. Once I started asking questions, I found I learnt so much more, and was, in turn, able to improve my own work.

View everything as an opportunity to learn

As I have never worked in the PR industry before, everything I have done since working here has been an opportunity for me to learn. My skillset has already increased dramatically since working at Make More Noise, and these are skills I will carry with me throughout the rest of my career.

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