At Make More Noise, we encourage our clients to enter award ceremonies in their sector and have received great success in doing so. Currently, we have three clients who have been shortlisted for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, and the exposure they have received has been brilliant for their brands. There are many benefits to putting yourself or company forward for an award, whether you are an award winner, nominee or first-timer, and some of the best are outlined below. After all who wouldn’t want to be known as an award-winning company?

It can help boost your profile and brand reputation

Being recognised by an external awards ceremony in your specific sector will illustrate to your audience that you are great at what you do, allowing you to boost your reputation as a reputable business. Being shortlisted or winning an award that recognises the work you do will also give you a platform in your industry, giving weight to your brand and can often put you above your competitors.

Can help increase morale

Award-winning can help boost you and your company’s morale, as you are being commemorated for all your hard work. Award ceremonies are great events to attend, especially to gain inspiration from others in your field, as well as give you a boost of morale due to your work gaining the recognition it deserves.

Recognises your expertise and adds value to your work

The ability to tell your audience that you are an award winner or short-listed allows you to really convey your expertise in your field. An award celebrating your expertise also adds value to the work you do.

Great way to network

Award ceremonies are a networking dream! They are a brilliant way to get out and meet new people in the industry. Not only will this allow you to gain exposure for you and your company, but also open avenues for growth, as it is not what you know, it’s who you know!

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