Takeaway pizza giants, Papa John’s, have announced the release of a new pizza to their menu, with toppings of spicy Amarillo chilli, green chilli, pepperoni, mozerella and a honey drizzle to mellow the heat, aptly named the Bee Sting,

In celebration of this new addition to the menu, Papa John’s have also created an innovative campaign to go alongside the release of their new pizza. They have created the world’s first pizza exclusively for bees. That’s right, a pizza for bees! This carefully crafted pizza, or ‘Beezza’, is made from Papa John’s pizza dough, and is topped with bee-enticing wild-flowers such as Forget Me Nots and sprinkled with a mix of local pollen. The ‘Beezza’ was created with the help of Thom Whitchurch, the developer of ‘Britain’s Tiny Cookery School’, as it had to the perfect size for bees, 1-inch to be exact!

Working alongside the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, the campaign hopes to encourage customers to feed and care for Britain’s bees, by creating bee-friendly gardens. Numbers of bees in the UK have been on a steady decline, due to environmental factors. Papa John’s aims to highlight the importance of caring for our bees and how vital they are to the ecosystem.

The senior science and policy officer of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Darryl Cox, stated that: “We’re delighted that Papa John’s is supporting our work to protect and feed the nation’s bumblebees. It may seem hard to believe, but without bumblebees, there would be no pizzas. Tomato plants hold their pollen in extremely tight structures and literally need a bumblebee to buzz the pollen out to fertilise the flowers. This free-bee service means we can produce enough tomatoes to satisfy the global demand for pizza and other tomato-based products”.

Unfortunately, customers are unable to purchase the Beezza, however Papa John’s are working alongside the Bumblebee Conservation Trust by switching their online charity partner to the organisation (between 15th July – 1st September 2019), allowing customers to give their spare change from their order to the charity. Papa John’s are also gifting selected customers packs of wildflower seeds through their social media platforms.

Here at Make More Noise, we love a wholesome campaign, and a pizza, so we had to share this!