As I approach the anniversary of my second year in employment in Make More Noise, it’s a time for reflection. A huge amount has happened in the last two years and it is exciting to think back on the journey.

Firstly, I wanted to start the blog by saying WOW! What a fast two years it’s been. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and have been lucky enough to be part of the agency’s growth very early on.

I’m going to take you back with me and explore what I’ve learnt since working with Make More Noise:


Where it all began…

The journey started in a small office in Malvern, Worcestershire, which we regularly reminisce about being [what felt like] sub-zero temperatures all year round.

Throughout university, I had always been drawn in by PR and was extremely keen to gain experience within an agency setting. After sending out endless CVs, by pure luck, MD of Make More Noise, Hannah Haffield, gave me a call for an interview.

From day one, I felt the buzz and the energy from Hannah. I was in awe of her determination and drive to make this agency pop and I was excited to be a part of it.

Even from the beginning, I was allowed to hit the ground running. I started by drafting press releases, producing blog content for Make More Noise as well as clients, in addition to creating graphic design materials for several clients.

Graphic Design was a tool I had self-taught myself throughout university, and from day one, I showcased my skills to Hannah and it quickly became one of my main tasks. Even now, I head the Make More Noise graphic design team and it’s something that I adore about my job. 


No day is the same!

One of my favourite things about my role is that no day is the same. We have a wide variety of clients to keep us busy daily.

One minute I could be writing a blog about the benefits of property investment to then creating a graphic for a big beer campaign. I have met so many interesting characters, some of them I am lucky enough to work with on building their brand, their profile or even in helping them secure regular media coverage in the press.

The difference is that at Make More Noise towers, we care about our clients and more importantly, want to do well for them. I didn’t want to come in a work environment and be a small cog in the business, I wanted to make an impact and have a strong team that makes a difference. This is definitely what I feel we do at Make More Noise.


Built on my skillset

I always tell people; whether it’s clients, my colleagues, even my friends and family that I have doubled my skillset whilst working at Make More Noise. Two years ago, I would’ve described myself as a self-taught graduate with limited experience working in an agency.

I am now a PR Account Manager, heading up the Graphic Design team and even work in videography, photography and of course PR. The amount of opportunities I have been faced with whilst working here has been amazing and luckily, Hannah trusts that you will deliver results for your clients.


My advice:

I have learnt through PR that it’s not all about your skillset. You have to have a personality in the PR industry and be able to ‘make more noise’ for your clients over a wide range of competitors in any industry.

When you’re ringing or emailing a journalist, you don’t want to sound like every other PR representative… You must be the one that they remember as that’s what will put you above the hundreds of other pitches they hear every day.

Make a joke, ask them about themselves, whatever works for your personality, putting yourself out there is going to help you make it in the industry.

Plus, for those graduates looking to wow potential employers, my advice would be the same! Is your CV going to stand out from other candidates? Be relentless in your search, do something different and email agencies that aren’t even advertising. If you have the experience and bring personality to your interview, you will get your break!