Whether you’re a small start-up wanting to determine your business identity, a relatively well-known brand targeting new customers, or a successful and established firm aiming to uphold your customer loyalty, creating and maintaining a company blog is a marketing must for many reasons: 



Blogging is a low-cost way in which you can increase target audience engagement, all through the power of valuable content. The great news? You can host you blog on your own company website, driving web users to read your content, whilst exploring your product or service offering at the same time.  



Aside from creating the content itself, a blog does not require a lot of time or energy in terms of physically uploading the content, once it is ready to be published. Much of the blogging software that is readily available online is straightforward to use and (usually) free of charge.  


There are multiple platforms out there to choose from – so why not trial a couple to find out what suits you and your brand best? 



A well-written and up to date blog serves as an excellent tool for driving increased website traffic and supporting SEO, consequently growing your online visibility. How? In writing regular blog posts that contain relevant, informative and valuable content such as industry insights, ‘How to…’ and top tips will enable you to build content around common search terms relevant to your product or service offering, driving new customers to your website as a result.  



When used effectively, a blog is an excellent instrument for maintaining relationships with current customers, whilst establishing relationships with new ones. To help create brand loyalty, you need to generate content that is both informative and engaging for your target audiences. 


Whether it be written in a style that speaks to the reader or asks them questions, valuable content places you and your brand in a position of authority, ensuring customers return time and time again to read your opinions on the latest industry news and developments.  


Gets you known 

No matter the size of your business, content that is relevant, professional and appropriate can make you stand out from the crowd. A well-written blog could mean that over time you become recognised as a “go-to” source of information. At the very least, a blog could help you establish a place within your industry, leading to higher conversion rates as a result.  


If you’d like to know more about setting up your own blog or if you need a hand with content ideas and creation, contact the Make More Noise team today at hello@makemorenoise.co.uk or call the office directly on: 0121 306 0996.