Can you believe we are nearly at the end of January? No, we can’t either. But it got us thinking about how many Businesses and Entrepreneurs have set about to make a change this year, yet failed to consider the value PR could bring.  

From driving increased brand awareness to engaging directly with your target audiences, an effective PR strategy can position you and your business as industry leaders within your given sector, whilst demonstrating to key stakeholders exactly why they should choose to invest in your product or service.  

As the famous saying goes [thank you Richard Branson] “Publicity is absolutely crucial. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad”, but where to start we hear you say? 

Here at Make More Noise HQ, we believe the following pointers will be key to any successful PR strategy in 2019 and beyond: 


Content is King [Only if it’s Valuable] 

Heard of the phrase ‘Content is King’, well it’s true. The loop-hole, of course, is ensuring your content is valuable, informative and engaging: Enter PR.  

From commenting on the latest industry news and developments and offering business insights through interviews, to providing your stakeholders with guidance and advice through blogs and video, a well-thought out content strategy, which positions you and your business within key publications will be key to your PR success in 2019.  


Speaking Opportunities 

For those who don’t like public speaking, don’t worry – a speaking engagement doesn’t always mean standing in front of hundreds of people and dazzling them with an engaging and humorous talk [although this would help].  

From podcast interviews to hosting a focused workshop or seminar, a key part of any successful PR strategy is demonstrating exactly ‘why’ a potential customer or client should engage with you and your brand. 

Speaking at relevant events or securing interviews with relevant podcast opportunities will help to position you as a strong contender in your field, whilst enabling you to inspire others and drive new customer engagement.  

What’s more, speaking opportunities can be great content for your social media, creating a positive impact on yours and your brand’s reputation. 



PR Strategies work best when they are consistent and integrate effectively with your wider Marketing activity.  


Without getting too technical, PR and SEO share the same goal of placing the right, quality content in front of a relevant target audience. Therefore, placing a drip-feed of valuable PR content on quality media sites will actually support your SEO, increasing your website’s position within the SERPs [Search Engine Results Pages] through securing quality backlinks from media sites.  

It’s important to note that whilst these three points are key to a successful PR strategy, PR works best when it is bespoke to the business or individual in hand.  


If you need to renovate your PR strategy or understand how PR could work for your business, contact the Make More Noise team today at: