Surveys can be key to gaining successful media coverage for your business.

Whether it be a B2B or B2C survey, even results that lack controversy can spark media attention if it is well-planned.

Some findings, however, do get ignored. Why? Because reports and associated releases can often be overloaded with information and not presented adequately.

Here at Make More Noise, we know just how to ensure surveys secure plentiful media coverage. That said, here are some of our top tips for creating the perfect survey and pitching the results to the media:



The success of any survey starts at the questions. When creating your questions, ensure that they are multiple choice or simply require a yes or a no response. This is simply because answers which are filled in by the target audience make it harder to report your findings. Also, always make sure you focus on how you want the survey to turn out, and ask questions based around how you think you can get that result.


Business Focused

It’s important to remember that the point of the survey is to eventually gain customers. Develop questions that match your business goals or reflect your product range in a positive way.


Creation Tips

Make sure the topic interests your target audience, don’t exaggerate or misuse your results and check the news for competing surveys – you won’t secure coverage with findings that are the same as someone else’s.


Ask the Media

Once you’ve collected your results, you’ll want to put together a target media list. Some publications won’t accept research pieces and others will only be interested if you’re able to supply the raw results for them to make their own conclusions.

To avoid this hurdle, it’s best to contact publications beforehand and just ask if they accept surveys. If they do, how do they prefer to receive them: with the result laid out for them or with raw data.


Formatting Matters

Ensure that in your press release, the main findings are easy to spot and understand. It’s always best to lead with your key point, provide the figures backing it up and add in a quote from a relevant person in your business discussing the findings. Below, you can

bullet point some other interesting points to add some background and interesting additions.

A key thing to avoid, however, is making the release too self-promotional: the findings should be enough to support your brand without having to heavily outline it.



Everyone loves visuals. It adds interest to a piece and splits up any dull content into something more easy to digest. With this in mind, it is therefore advisable that you convert your findings into a chart or an infographic.

You can also see increased interest if you get the timing right. Keep an eye on upcoming industry events or key landmarks in your sector and release your survey at an appropriate time to match.

Ultimately, surveys can be a fantastic way to secure quality coverage for your business. They can successfully highlight your services and portray your business as an industry leader. Using these simple tricks, you can almost guarantee a successful campaign.

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