What a summer it has been so far – we have had what has felt like a never-ending heatwave, England doing well in the World Cup and a shedload of fantastic PR campaigns.

There have been some great examples of creative and well thought out strategies which have really captured the imagination.

Here are a selection that really stood out to us here at Make More Noise HQ:

Selfridges Christmas Shop Campaign

While most of us are thinking about where to get our next Solero from, Selfridges decided to launch its Christmas campaign in the middle of the heatwave.

Those of us working in PR may know that you start planning and pitching your Christmas campaigns towards the end of summer, Selfridges went one step further and opened its Christmas shop in August.

It certainly grabbed attention – especially as most of us can’t remember what winter weather feels like.

The landmark London store hope to target the tourist market and this year’s theme is Selfridge Rocks Christmas.

Gareth Southgate Station

July saw the whole nation gripped by the World Cup and convinced that, finally, this year football really was coming home.

Despite England’s best efforts, sadly that wasn’t to be the case but we were all proud of Gareth Southgate and the England players’ efforts in Russia.

So proud, in fact, that Visa went ahead and changed the name of Southgate tube station to Gareth Southgate tube station.

A nice touch which capped off a fantastic tournament.

Giant Jeff Goldblum

Tourists were in for a shock when they came face to face with a ginormous sculpture of Jeff Goldblum lay seductively in front of Tower Bridge with his chest exposed.


The eye-catching campaign by Now TV marked the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park.

Fortnite Fitness Classes

If you have older children you  almost certainly know what Fortnite is.

The computer game which has two modes – Save The World and the PvP Battle Royale – is estimated to be played by around 125 million people worldwide.

It has been an incredible success, but if you are fed up of your children spending hours sat in front of the game perhaps consider signing them up for Fortnite-based fitness classes.

David Lloyd Gyms are piggybacking on the game’s success and has introduced Emote Royale classes based on the dances and moves players purchase in the game.

TIME Magazine’s Drones

Now this campaign was real blue sky thinking.

TIME magazine teamed up with Intel to recreate its logo and red border using almost 1,000 drones floating in the air in California – no mean feat!

It was for a drone-themed special edition of the magazine and the result was incredible as the front page was recreated at a height of around 330 foot out of drones flying in tight formation.

The front page picture was then photographed by another drone.

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