Social Media is a crucial part of any marketing and digital communication strategy, with most social networking sites and apps experiencing an all-time high in user numbers. In brief, Social Media delivers measurable results in sales, leads and branding, and also enables a wide reach at a low cost.

However, the world of social media networks is dynamic and constantly changes. For this reason, your social strategy needs to up to scratch, which can be a lot harder than it sounds, particularly when business admin beckons. Sound familiar?

At MMN HQ we know what it takes to ensure you don’t suck at Social and have put together 5 clear signs to help you assess and improve on your Social Media strategy:

1. Your posts aren’t getting a lot of engagement

To justify the time and money you spend on your social strategy; your followers should ideally be engaging with your content on a regular basis. If your posts aren’t receiving many likes, comments or shares, the size of your following is irrelevant. Your social accounts could boast thousands of followers, however, if there is little or no engagement from any of them then how can you be certain that they are taking the time to view your content?


Content is key. To keep your followers interested, you need to ensure your content is exciting, easy to read, grammatically correct but most importantly, relevant. There are countless topics and issues within every industry, so you must choose wisely and methodically as to which ones you want to link to your business.

It is more beneficial to have fewer followers who engage with your content, rather than thousands of followers who don’t. A social strategy is only acting as a successful marketing tool if your followers remain engaged.

2. You aren’t interacting with your followers

Undeniably, many social posts are one-sided conversations when they first start out. They consist of thoughts, feelings and opinions which don’t always require a response or debate. As social media use has grown over the last few years, people have forgotten to apply the same actions and etiquette that we use and expect in real life.


You wouldn’t have a one-sided conversation or ignore a potential customer in a face to face discussion, so why do it online? If your followers post relevant responses, ask questions or spark healthy debates, with all comments replied to in a polite manner. The strongest relationships that develop via social media start with a simple interaction.

3. Your strategy is focused purely on promoting your product/service

Your social media channels should not be used solely to promote your product or service. It won’t take long for your followers to notice this, see it as a red flag and disengage with your account.


Use your social channels as a place to build relationships with like-minded people by regularly publishing valuable content that will resonate with your readers. For example, if you’re a Baker trying to sell your latest cook book, publish a free ‘how-to’ or ‘sneak-cheat’ guide to help your readers replicate your tasty treats at home or create a blog revealing the top mistakes new Bakers often make. Revealing industry insights to your readers will educate and build trust, before you then ask them to invest in your brand with a promotional post or special offer.

4. You aren’t making yourself stand out

With Billions of Social Media users registered across all channels, it can be extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd. Every social channel is a noisy place where it is easy to be forgotten. It can be challenging to present yourself in the best possible way, whilst being true to who you are and what you stand for as a company.


Your company values and beliefs should be reflected in all the content that you produce. Utilise the bio on each channel to let your audience know why you are different. Give people a reason to follow you instead of another business within your niche. If your followers view you as a unique individual, they will visit your social channels time and time again, share your posts and believe in your brand. Again, building trust is vital for social success.

If you need are looking for some more Social Media advice or are interested in developing a more coherent Social Media strategy, contact the Make More Noise team today on 0121 306 0996 or email