Make More Noise Account Executive, Melissa Stone, talks content in our latest blog…

In today’s digital World, an engaging online presence is key to business success. A vital part of the digital mix is a Company Blog or News Feed, providing the opportunity to show real personality behind your brand, whilst setting an engaging tone of voice that will help enhance your online presence.

When managed correctly, blog content has the potential to attract new customers or clients.. Not sure where to start? Here at Make More Noise Towers we’ve put together our top tips for writing the best content!

Polishing off those Titles

The first step in writing that blog post is enticing your audience with an attention-grabbing headline. Start by writing a few down, and take your time to pick the one that works best. Whether you decide before you write your blog post or after, headlines are the first thing your audience will read, and determine if they want to read the rest of the blog or not. Keep it short, sweet and straight to the point.

Knowing your Audience

Understanding how to identify your audience can help with what tone of voice you should use throughout your content. It can also be key in finding out what your followers want to read about!

Take the time to research the best channels to promote your blog, whilst understanding which channel your target audience use the most to get the maximum exposure. In doing so, you can examine what they talk about and how they talk about it!

Our final pointer is to explore how your competitors interact with their followers. This can really help you tailor your blog, and ensure you get the best out of your readership.

Visuals are Key

In the world of GIFs, Emojis, and constant streaming on social media, visuals are key in getting your blog noticed, giving your link that extra edge. Images or videos can strengthen your chosen blog title and even better the reading experience. However, do keep in mind that when picking your images, they remain relevant to your topic and help bring your words to life.

Start a Conversation

Writing about topics that are thought provoking can get your audience thinking, and will encourage your followers to share and discuss your ideas. As a small business owner, you could even share personal experiences that are relevant to your topic or business, creating original content, whilst helping customers understand you as a person behind the brand.

Another conversation starter?  Ask questions and give your readers something to respond to with their own opinions or stories.

Research your Topics

Is this something your followers would want to read about? Has this already been covered? Before writing about something specific, investigate whether that chosen topic has been done before! Checking what your competitors are blogging about, and keeping up to date with what’s current in your chosen industry sector, can help you create your own original content, whilst allowing you to put your own creative spin on a subject matter. Remember, no-one wants to read the same thing twice!


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