Looking to increase your brand awareness in 2017, or aiming to revamp your PR strategy? Consider these top PR trends when putting your plans into place…

Content Content Content

2016 was pretty big for content, but 2017 will be bigger as the relationship between SEO and PR grows stronger.

Although earned media is still a big win for PR, content will be key for the next year – where comment pieces and contribution articles for targeted media sites should be top of your list.


Recent stats have shown that video content will account for 75% of the world’s mobile traffic by 2020, with platforms like Facebook being key for this explosive growth…So If you haven’t jumped on the video band wagon, now is definitely the time to start!

Whether you tap into applications like Twitter’s Periscope or create your own series of How to’s, top tips, or even product reviews – video should be an imperative part of your PR strategy for 2017.

Tap further into Digital

With a lot of the onus being on content for 2017, content amplification will also play a key role in helping you succeed over the next 12 months. One of the most cost effective and engaging ways to achieve this is via social media advertising – particularly Facebook where the cost is low, but reach is vast.

Measurable PR efforts

Thanks to platforms like Google Analytics, PR campaigns have never been so measurable. Be more strategic with your approach in 2017 – analyze what content produces the most engagement, what social media posts produce the best interaction, and assess what PR pieces are supporting your customer journey – or more importantly, aiding your onsite goals or conversions.

With this analysis, remember to set your own clear goals and KPIs so you can measure what has and hasn’t work to aid your PR and marketing efforts moving forwards.

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