Make More Noise represents the new age of PR – fresh, innovative and fun. We know about the importance of content, we understand the value of social media for consumer engagement and we embrace the ever-changing ‘PR mix’ as a result of the growing digital landscape.

We work hard to develop creative and innovative PR strategies that ensure you get heard above the noise, whilst engaging with as many of your stakeholders as possible through both online and offline channels. 
What’s more we excel in media relations and have years of experience in establishing excellent relationships with key press representatives across all types of media outlets.

Ultimately our PR strategies will get you heard, seen and noticed and more importantly will work hand in hand with your business objectives, to support your overarching goals and provide you with a positive return on investment.



Following the introduction of social media channels and online media, businesses no longer have the advantage when it comes to crisis communications. There is little time to act, think and respond – so doing it right is of the utmost importance.

Make More Noise can work with you to develop an effective communications strategy that will ensure all company representatives know exactly what to say and do should an unfortunate event arise.

When a crisis strikes Make More Noise are also on hand to act as your press office – leaving you to deal with the internal impact whilst we take control of communications with the outside world.